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Wow! It’s been over four months since my last blog post! My, how time flies when I’m thoroughly disgusted with politics! And that just about sums it up for me. I’m disgusted.

It was just over one year ago when I attended a rally for erstwhile Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul here in Pittsburgh. As the year passed I watched the “news” and the “debates,” and came to this conclusion: everything about the American political system as it is now construed is a farce.

Why do I say it’s a farce? Well, let’s just start with the blatant violation of the Constitution by nearly all politicians. Now, maybe I’m missing something here but, it is supposed to be the law of the land, is it not? It is supposed to protect us, the people, against the depredations of government, right? Well, unfortunately, most politicians simply regard it as “just a piece of paper.” And while there are numerous abuses of that document that could be noted, I’ll just mention  the one I consider to be the most egregious. It’s pretty simple, really. According to the Constitution  the power to declare war is given to Congress. However, since the Korean War, yes for longer than half a century,  the president, regardless of his party affiliation, regardless of any popular outcry against going to war from the American people, has been given the authority to bomb anyone, anywhere, at any time, WITHOUT a congressional declaration of war. Congress has shirked its Constitutional responsibility, and the president is now EXPECTED to be the final arbiter in all matters of war. And what do we hear from the mainstream media about this illegal  congressional transfer and presidential usurpation of power?


Call it the liberal media or the conservative media. The truth is that it is the Statist media.

Even more farcical is the fact that our central bank, the Federal Reserve, receives virtually no blame for the calamitous financial situation that exists in America today. Never mind the fact that the dollar has lost 96% of its value since the Fed was created in 1913. Never mind the fact that there exists virtually no oversight of the Fed. Never mind the fact that the housing bubble never would have been “inflated” had it not been for the Fed’s artificial lowering of interest rates to ridiculous levels. Never mind the fact that the United States would not have entered into so many preposterous wars over the last several decades had it not been for the Fed’s relentless dollar creation. Don’t pay attention to any of these facts. Just listen to the blabbering airheads on CNN and Fox News, and their State Department correspondents, Defense Department correspondents, and White House correspondents. Then sleep well knowing that you are receiving the “inside scoop” from all of these wonderful “journalists” who allow us to share in their privileged access to the inner workings of the American body politic. As if they’d even be granted their “privileged access” if they actually reported the truth.

And so here we are on the eve of another presidential election. On the left we have Barack “guns and butter” Obama. On the right we have John “bombs and…well, more bombs” McCain. You call this a choice?! I’d rather see the presidency completely vacated than have either of these two frauds occupying it.

Barack Obama is not about “change.” Sorry to disappoint people but, if he really intended to change anything about the American political system he would have never made it this far in the campaign. If he truly intended to “change” Washington, the media would have paid very little attention to him. Just think about that for a second. When has the mainstream media ever glorified a candidate who truly represented a dramatic change from mainstream American politics? The bottom line is that Obama is just another politician who is willing to say anything to get elected.

As for John McCain, well, I just get the feeling that the man is desperate to be president before he shuffles off this mortal coil. Forget all of this “maverick” nonsense. The man is clueless. Oh, and he never met a war he didn’t like, so I guess that’s a plus when you’re running for President of the American Empire.

As for me, well, I think I’m going to get one of those bumper stickers that reads: “Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote!”


Ex-professional wrestler and ex-governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, appeared on the Larry King Live show on CNN last week. He appeared just yesterday with Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room, also on CNN. Ventura is not one to mince his words when it comes to the current state of American politics. His opinions will certainly not find favor between the ears of any well behaved establishmentarian.

To put it mildly, let’s just say that the man who used to go by the nickname “the body” offered a scathing indictment of the entire body of American politics. I have to admit that most of what he said was like sweet music to my ears. He slammed the “two party dictatorship ” of the Democrats and the Republicans. He actually said that he would like to see political parties disappear altogether, as a matter of fact! And all I can say to that one is AMEN! I love his description of the two major parties:

“You know, as I would get in trouble with before, I used to call them the Democrips and the Rebloodlicans. They’re the same as the street gangs, only these guys wear Brooks Brothers suits.”

Ventura even mentioned the enormous debt that’s been racked up by our government since Nixon dealt the final blow to the gold standard! Oh no! Not the gold standard! Could it be? Is Ventura one of those crazed “Ron Paulians?”

He might just be. Turning to the topic of the Iraq War, and specifically ending it, Ventura says:

“Look it, OK, 2006 — the voters clearly sent a mandate to the spineless Democrats. They sent a mandate to them saying get us out of Iraq.
Have they done it? No. Are they even close to doing it? No. All we’re getting is cheap talk from them.”

So how does Ventura think the war should be ended:

“I agree with Ron Paul, we marched in there, we can march out.”

I don’t even know Jesse Ventura that well. I certainly have not followed his political career. And I am not saying that if he ran for president, I would vote for him. BUT, it is so refreshing to hear anyone lambaste the entire American political system on national television when most politicians and commentators are only too willing to glorify it.

Ventura even suggested that voters should have a “none of the above” option when they go to their polling places on election day. Yikes! Talk about heresy! How can he even suggest something so preposterous? Doesn’t this guy know the rules? Trash one party or the other. But never speak ill of the sacrosanct institution that is American democratic elections. Even if all of the candidates are awful, every voter must fulfill their obligation to select the “lesser of the evils.”

I even heard one CNN pundit refer to a vote for “none of the above” as a “populist copout.” Strange, but the “copout,” if you ask me, is in voting for a candidate you don’t like, just because you have been told that you must vote for someone.

Thank you, Jesse Ventura, not only for not worshiping the State but, for your unflinching denouncement of its corrupt elections.

We now know that Prince Harry is serving with the British military in Afghanistan. I happened to be watching CNN this afternoon when some of their talking heads were questioning whether or not it was a good idea for the media to make this information available to the general public. They also revealed that up to this point the media had cooperated with the British government and kept Harry’s whereabouts a secret. Just after that moment the hilarity really began for me. CNN’S commentators began to wonder, if in light of the Prince Harry deal between the media and the government, viewers may wonder if governments and major media outlets are in collusion to keep certain stories away from the general public. WHAT!! You’re kidding, right?!?! That would never happen. Certainly not in “free” countries such as the U.S. and England.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that every Ron Paul supporter who happened to be watching CNN at that time would have said “well, duh!!” in unison. If you are a regular viewer of one of the major network news programs, a reader of mainstream newspapers, or a mainstream talk radio listener, one year into Dr. Paul’s presidential campaign, you may still not have heard of him. Does anyone really think that’s a coincidence? Just take media super mogul Rupert Murdoch for example. You can read about his various political connections here, here, and here. And check out these statistics for many other mainstream media outlets here and here. I’ll spoil the suspense and just inform you now that none of these media types are really all that fond of politicians like Ron Paul. I know, that’s a shock. But why would they give any quality airtime to someone who refuses to be bribed, anyway? That Ron Paul just doesn’t understand how splendid corporatism can be!

It should be so painfully obvious to anyone who observes politics objectively  that the mainstream media is owned by the sweethearts of Washington D.C. There is simply no room for an outsider like Ron Paul in their quid pro quo world.

And yet we are supposed to wonder if the government and the media work together to mold the “news” to their mutual liking. What we should be wondering is if there is, in fact, any time when the government and the media aren’t working together to cover up and distort stories.

Super Tuesday was, indeed, frustrating for those of us who are supporting Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for president. We know that the mainstream media is blatantly ignoring him. We also know that if only more people actually HEARD what Dr. Paul has to say, they would be impressed. I understand that not everyone will like him, regardless of how much media exposure he receives. And that’s fine. But, shouldn’t anyone who actually values freedom of expression and freedom of ideas be appalled that such obvious censorship should exist in the so called “land of the free?” So what if 99.9% of Americans totally disagree with Ron Paul’s positions? No one will know if ANYONE disagrees with his positions if our various media outlets continue to hide him from the public. Don’t the American people deserve to hear EVERY political opinion from EVERY candidate during an election season.
To be fair, how many people really got a chance to become familiar with Dennis Kucinich on the Democrat side? The Dems have the anti-war reputation, but the heroically anti-war Kucinich was virtually ignored. Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will actually demilitarize the Militant States of America is deluding themselves. After all, the top five arms makers in the U.S., Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics gave Democratic presidential candidates $103,900 as opposed to $86,800 for Republicans. Most of that money went to Clinton, but Obama got his share as well. Seems like they’re betting on a Dem to win and they sure don’t want to back the wrong pony. After all, there’s always a war going on somewhere.
Now, I will admit that I don’t agree with Mr. Kucinich’s economic beliefs, but I respect him for sticking to his principles. As for Ron Paul, well, most people will immediately tell you he has no chance as soon as you mention his name. And that is most likely true. It is also a great shame. Here is a man who espouses the very same principles of governance upon which this country was founded. And today, we are informed that these principles are irrelevant, outdated, and stand no chance. How would Thomas Jefferson react if someone could tell him that all of HIS principles no longer apply in America? What would he say if he found out that our president is now more like a king? Then again, perhaps he wouldn’t be surprised at all. Perhaps he just would have said something like “Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. It always does.”
So how should a Ron Paul supporter feel about this campaign so far? Sure, it looks pretty bleak, but there are lots of positives! Just think about this for a moment. How many people knew about Ron Paul or the freedom movement just one year ago? How many people now feel like there’s actually something worthwhile in politics? How many people realized that a Republican can be anti-war? How many people realized that anyone who favors limited government is necessarily anti-war? Of course, no one knows an exact number of people, but one can rest assured that there are thousands more now than there were one year ago. This is going to be a long fight. As Dr. Paul has said many times, this movement is not about him. It’s about the message. The message is spreading everyday. It’s all over this very world wide web. And even with the limited time he is allowed in the “debates,” Ron Paul eloquently communicates the message to everyone watching around the country.
This is just the beginning. But, it is indeed a good beginning. So far in 2008 nineteen states have held primary elections. (I’m not including caucuses here) Ron Paul’s vote total, according to the numbers I compiled from CNN’s website is 533,290. In the general election of 1988, when he ran as a libertarian he received only 431,750 votes. He’s already surpassed that number, and there’s a long way to go. The freedom movement is most certainly not at its end. On the contrary, it has just been given a shot of adrenaline by the good doctor!