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As political as my blogging is, I’m actually not consumed by politics. Although, I have to admit that I’m much more interested in political affairs now than I used to be. Maybe it has something to do with being over 30. Anyway, long time friends of mine may wonder what in the world got into me. Well, a few years ago I just got fed up with the status quo and started studying libertarianism. And now I rant and rave on my very own libertarian principled blog. Of course, I’m also a proud supporter of the champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul!

But wait! There’s more! Before I started blogging here, I used to post my political commentary on my myspace blog. If you’d like to read any of those older posts just click here.

Oh yeah, and I live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where people occasionally claim to have seen a strange, yellow, glowing object in the sky. Weird.


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