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Recently, a few unwritten rules of politics have been brought to my attention. They go something like this: (Of course I guess this now transforms them into written rules.)

1.) A candidate and/or that candidate’s supporters are free to criticize any opposing candidates and their respective political parties. This sort of thing is encouraged. However, I must caveat this rule with a reminder that while critiquing any opponent and/or their party, it is at no time permissible to criticize the entire political system in this country. Only a paranoid conspiracy theorist would dare to challenge our hallowed democratic process.

2.) A candidate and/or that candidates’ supporters are free to criticize the monetary policy of any opposing candidates and their respective political parties. Once again, this is seen as engaging in a healthy debate on the issue. However, at no time should a candidate and/or that candidate’s supporters even begin to criticize the Federal Reserve, or any aspect of central banking. Once again, only the tin foil hat wearers would do such a thing. We should remember that the Fed itself is never the problem.

3.) A candidate and/or that candidate’s supporters are free to criticize the foreign policy positions of any opposing candidates and their respective political parties. Remember, however, and I can’t stress this enough, to , never, ever criticize the United States government’s foreign policy of intervention. I mean, you don’t want to be seen as an America hating, terrorist appeasing isolationist, and a crazed conspiracy theorist to boot, do you?

At all times it is imperative to remind voters that it is the United States government’s role, no, make that duty to police the world in pursuit of Islamofascists, drug lords, and any leader of any foreign country who may be guilty of human rights violations. When those “enemies of democracy” are found we must remember that it is the duty of the U.S. government to drop copious amounts of bombs on them, killing not only the corrupt leaders, but also many innocent bystanders . By following this course of action the United States, through its superior military might, illustrates the respect for human rights inherent in countries with democratic governments. Soon after the bombings we will witness the miraculous transformation of those previously despotic rulers and their once repressed subjects into champions of American style democracy.

4.) All candidates must remember that telling the truth on any issue will jeopardize the entire American political system. Americans need to have faith in their elected leaders and the election process, in general. Any candidate who attempts to reveal the truth to the public must be marginalized immediately. At no time should that candidate be allowed to convince voters that his campaign has any sort of legitimacy. Referring to that candidate as a paranoid conspiracy theorist would help in this case, as well.

5.) Ron Paul does not follow these rules. Therefore, he is an enemy of the American political establishment. Both major parties and their friends in the mainstream media must do everything they can to prevent him and his campaign from influencing the American public.

I guess that just about sums it up.



  1. Problem for them is that his message poked through, influenced young people of all political stripes — which is, I think, astounding — apparently because he is the only political figure in a generation whose honesty, integrity and sincerity are not only authentic, but come through.

    All people resonate to honesty and truth-telling, but young people do so most of all.

    Imagine half a million young people with a shared vision and the rest of their lives to act on it.

    Thirty five years ago there were only a few thousand.

    Do the math.

    Eventually the encrusted party hacks will, too.

    Actually by getting people angry about shabby treatment the would-be manipulators have accelerated their obsolescence.

  2. Absolutely, Steve. I agree with you 100%. Even though the tone of this post is rather cynical, I’m actually thrilled that Dr. Paul and the message of returning America to limited, Constitutional government found favor with so many young people.

    The thing that irritates me, however, is the way most of the mainstream media, and people who are not supporters of Ron Paul simply dismiss him as a kooky conspiracy theorist.

    But, as you point out, the seeds have been planted. The message DID leak out, despite all of the attempts to completely stifle it.

    The future DOES look more promising now, than it did just a year ago.

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