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“So, if you don’t receive the Republican nomination for President, would you consider running as a third party or independent candidate?”

Here’s a daunting task. Determine how many times during the past year Ron Paul has been asked that question. I certainly do not know the answer, but this you tube video serves as an excellent example of just how doggedly determined the mainstream media has been in trying to drag the answer they want out of Dr. Paul. Of course they want him to say he will run. Just imagine the controversy an announcement like that would create. It would send shivers through the establishment faster than you can say Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. Ron Paul represents the greatest nightmare as far as members of the established order are concerned. He would actually “steal” votes from both major party candidates.

And that word “steal” is most significant. When a third party or independent candidate runs for president it is usually said that he is “stealing” or “taking votes away” from a major party candidate. That whole notion is inconsistent with most voters’ cherished concept of “democracy.” Person A can only “steal” something from Person B if that something is already owned by person B. To say that a third party or independent candidate is “stealing” votes suggests that the major party candidate is already the owner of those votes. Maybe I’m mistaken but, I thought the whole strategy in political elections was for every candidate to try to convince voters that they should vote for him, instead of the other candidates. I didn’t realize that certain establishment approved candidates are actually considered to be the owners of the peoples’ votes before the election ever takes place. Silly me!

Anyway, yesterday I received a letter from the Libertarian National Committee. In the envelope was a petition, on which I was encouraged to sign. With my signature I would be urging Ron Paul to seek the Libertarian nomination for President. I am not going to sign that petition. I certainly am a libertarian, but I’m no longer a member of the Libertarian Party. Over the past twelve months Dr. Paul has proven that spreading a libertarian message through a Republican campaign is far superior to laboring away with a third party. Believe me, I don’t like to admit this, but it is true.

It is truly a shame that in our great “democracy” we are forced to choose between candidates from only two parties. As Dr. Paul has said, a third party candidate spends most of his time and money just trying to get on ballots. And forget about getting into the debates. Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, third parties are really just wasting their time and money. They will not be allowed to win. They will continue to be portrayed by the mainstream media as gatherings of weirdo fringe people who should not be taken seriously. They will also continue to be criticized as vote “thieves.” And no one likes a thief, right? That is precisely why Ron Paul should not run as a third party candidate. And being an independent is no better. Instead of being criticized for being part of a group of weirdos, he would be criticized for being an independent weirdo.

This is why the mainstream media is desperate for Ron Paul to launch an independent or third party run for President. For then they would have another party crasher to ridicule. They could also say things like “Why is he running? He’s not going to win. All he’s doing is stealing votes away from a candidate who really can win.” So in the minds of the sheep out there in TV land, Ron Paul’s name will be forever tarnished. He will be cited as the reason why the loser lost. “If that darn Ron Paul wouldn’t have stolen all of those votes…”

Considering all of this, I believe that a third party or independent run by Ron Paul would produce absolutely no positives. It would, however, make possible a lot of negatives. The best thing that can be done at this point is to try to populate various governments with as many Ron Paul Republicans as possible. One attempt is currently under way in New Jersey, where Murray Sabrin is running for the U.S. Senate. He has already been formally endorsed by Dr. Paul. Now this is what we need. We need people to be elected to office, not to waste all of their time fighting for ballot access.

I have changed my voter’s registration to Republican because of Ron Paul. Initially I did it simply so I could vote for him in the Pennsylvania primary. But, I’ve decided to stay registered as a Republican. I’m a “Ron Paul” Republican. And I like the sound of that!



  1. I agree with you completely. I thought at first that a third party run would be a good thing. For purely selfish reasons. I would have someone I could vote for. I will be writing in Ron Paul one way or another. However, at this point I am shifting my focus to help at the local level. I live in Northern Michigan where we have a Ron Paul Republican who is trying to get on the ballot. Her name is Linda Goldthorp. If she wins the Republican primary she will be up against a very well entrenched and funded Dem. Bart Stupack. This is a man that is about as liberal as they come and has voted that way for years. He really needs to go. for anyone that would like to help, you can go to her website.

    Vote for Freedom and Liberty vote for Linda Goldthorp

  2. I am so with you on this! I want the Republican party restored to the original edict of the Founders of our beloved nation. I want Ron Paul to lead this country back to the basics of GOOD MORAL GOVERNMENT, of the people, by the people and for the people. He stands rock solid on this even by the way he is running his campaign, he’s leaving it in OUR hands and telling us he will only do what we ask of him and what we support him to do.

    That’s powerful and profound, and a really difficult concept for most to accept, as we’ve all been so brainwashed for so long that it’s the government who should be telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. He’s putting the power back in our hands, where the founders put it.

    God bless this man, Ron Paul,for the strength of his convictions.

  3. Aye!

  4. I completely agree. If libertarianism is to succeed we must stay within a major party. I’m now a registered republican in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. A President certainly can accomplish a lot of things with a Congress that doesn’t share that President’s point of view. That’s why we must get more qualified, professional individuals to run for Congress. The more “Ron Paul” Senators and House members that we can get elected, the more we will see real progress in libertarian values in laws that are passed and done away with.

  5. Correction:

    The last part of my last sentence above should read “the more we will see real progress in libertarian values in laws that are passed and anti-libertarian laws that are done away with.”

  6. I agree 100%. Ross Perot had the right idea and got smashed. We all must do everything we can to get Ron Paul on the ballot and win so he can get this country on the right track. We’re heading for a train wreck.

  7. DemocracyRisingDemocracyNow



  8. Well, said, Wanda! I agree that Dr. Paul is doing something that is quite wonderful to behold. He is empowering citizens rather than manipulating and enslaving them quietly as others are doing, often unwittingly, but sometimes very deliberately, I think.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for these great comments!

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