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Well, we all knew it was coming. The writing’s been on the proverbial wall for some time. And when John McCain’s delegate count reached the magic number of 1,191, it was inevitable. Yesterday we heard it from the man himself. It’s being reported in the news today. It’s hard to believe that the good doctor began his campaign for president over a year ago. Time has absolutely flown for me, as I’m sure it has for most revolutionaries out there. I also find it particularly interesting that “our man,” the one who didn’t have a chance, was actually the last one to bow out of the race on the Republican side. Funny, isn’t it, how he held out longer than the media anointed political wonder boys we all got to know on a first name basis. Remember Rudy, Fred, and Mitt? All three of them were reputedly stars in ascendancy this election season. Alas, they all came crashing back down to earth, and out of the presidential race before that guy they laughed at (cackled in Rudy’s case), insulted, marginalized, and ignored.

But now reality sets in. And reality is, indeed, a most bitter pill for us to swallow. There will be no Ron Paul presidency in 2008. There are only three candidates remaining. If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can look forward to a continuation of our government’s expansionist foreign policy, and overt socialism here at home. Not a prospect to savor, for sure. As for a Barack Obama presidency, well, our foreign policy of aggression would be tweaked a bit so we would be bombing the “right” countries, like Pakistan. At home we would be treated to maybe a slightly less rigid form of socialism than Hillary’s brand. Again I say maybe. Either way it’s still socialism. And finally there’s John McCain. Well, belligerent does not even begin to describe his foreign policy views. Domestically, however, his socialism will be cloaked in language like “I support the free market and free trade” and “I’m going to cut wasteful government spending.” But we need to remember that he is a neoconservative. And what a neocon says is most definitely not what a neocon does. Unless it involves the threatening and subsequent bombing of countries that are no threat to the United States.

So we have three choices. And what is a Ron Paul revolutionary supposed to do? Well, surely we can’t bring ourselves to vote for one of the aforementioned monsters of the mainstream. So what is left for us? Personally, I think it would be fabulous if the presidential election was simply canceled. Sure would make things simpler. Just leave the office of the president empty for awhile.

Aside from that scenario, I can imagine many Ron Paul supporters are feeling like perhaps it’s not worth the fight. Maybe it’s time to crawl back into our comfortable little shells of political isolation and pretend like the evil world doesn’t exist. And believe me, I can relate to that feeling. But think about this for a moment. What if Ron Paul had done that? Remember that he’s been fighting statists, warmongers, and currency destroyers for over thirty years. Surely, during the course of those years there were numerous occasions where Dr. Paul felt like there was little or no hope for the future of liberty. And for most of his fight, he did not have the forum for free exchange of ideas that is now afforded to him by the world wide web. If Dr. Paul had given up, none of us would have turned out to be such enthusiastic supporters of him and his message.

But now it is our duty to carry on the message of “freedom, peace, and prosperity.” Every effort we make helps to roll back some of the threat we face from an ever encroaching State. Even if we never see the change we are seeking during our lifetimes, it is a noble pursuit.

It is, in fact, the only way we can ensure a better America for future generations. Just think about it. What better America could we offer those future generations than one in which they are free to live their lives according to their own designs, not the designs of bureaucrats and regulatory agencies? And what better America could we offer to those same generations than one in which their money actually maintains its value? How great it would be to live in a country where the government is no longer free to debase the currency, and plunder the wealth of the people. And finally, what better America could we offer to those generations than one that enjoys peaceful relations with all nations? What kind of future exists when we are faced with the prospect of endless war? War is a destroyer of life, wealth, and property, which must be repudiated if we truly want to create a better country.

We understand the message. It is up to us to keep the message alive.


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