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Here we are in the post 9/11 world. It’s a frightening world we are told. It’s one that’s veritably bursting at the seams with armies of bearded Islamic fundamentalists who are jealous of our freedom to listen to bad pop music and shop at the mall. Sacrifices must be made, they say, to ensure that the U.S. remains free. Many of our freedoms must be curtailed in the name of safety and security. But, rest assured, once the Feds wrangle up all of those mean terrorists, everything will be back to normal. Or maybe not. Maybe our current state of affairs is the “new normal.” That seems to be the sentiment of Mr. Dick Cheney. As we see here, shortly after the 9/11 attacks he commented that,” Many of the steps we have now been forced to take will become permanent in American life, part of a ‘new normalcy’ that reflects ‘an understanding of the world as it is.’” Not exactly an uplifting appraisal of the situation there. And certainly the future sounds grim. According to the Vice President we have nothing to look forward to in America but a police state.

Well, I’ve spent the last ten years working at the Pittsburgh International Airport. And I can tell you that the police state in existence at the airport these days serves as a constant reminder that our freedoms are really just one more terrorist attack away from being dealt their death blows. Everyday I hear the announcement informing me that the Homeland Security threat level has been raised to orange. I am told to be aware of the increased threat and report any suspicious behavior to any airport employee, police officer, or TSA representative. Just in case anyone is not familiar with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) they are part of the Bush created abomination known as the Department of Homeland Security. They are in charge of airport security. Completely. Yes, how strange, the small government conservative George W. Bush nationalized airport security. Next thing you know his administration will spend 5 times as much money as the “liberal” Clinton administration. What? That’s already happened? Well, how about that?

Returning to police state U.S.A., why is it that ordinary Americans should be forced to relinquish ANY of their freedoms to remain safe? Ordinary Americans did not carry out the attacks on 9/11. So why are ordinary Americans treated like criminals in airports? Ordinary Americans had nothing to do with any alleged plot to sneak liquid explosives onto jets. So why is it that ordinary Americans can no longer bring their bottles of water through the security checkpoint. I will never forget that day in August, 2006 when the news of the “plot” resulted in the government mandated trashing of perfectly fine bottles of water, expensive makeup, toiletries, and anything that was liquid. An acquaintance of mine had to discard his gel insoles. I was horrified as I saw this happening. These people spent their hard earned money on all of these items and because it was “reported” that some people in England had concocted a liquid explosive plot, the government goons in their TSA uniforms were ordered to confiscate the private property of innocent Americans. And what’s even worse is that none of the TSA employees seemed to have any compunction about what they were doing. Most were merely drones carrying out the orders of their superiors. But some of them even seemed energized by their new expanded authority.

Why can’t more people see where this is leading? Every “attempted” attack will result in a greater loss of liberties. And thanks to the unceasing efforts of George W. Bush to terrorize the country, an actual attack could result in a declaration of Martial Law.

Just think. How much sense does this make? We are told we should give up our freedoms in order to protect them. How will the punishment of innocent Americans for the actions of terrorists lead to the end of the U.S.A.’s problem with terrorism?

But wait. Then again, on the other hand, maybe it will. Maybe our government really doesn’t need an expensive and deadly War On Terror. The dreaded “Islamofascists” hate us for our freedoms, right? So perhaps it could all be done on the cheap by simply taking away all of our freedoms which are so despised by those “Islamofascists.” Yeah, what am I complaining about? Sounds like we’re on the right track after all.


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  1. I’ve been trying to get this point across to my mom for months. She’s completely willing to give up some freedoms because, according to her, they’re not affecting her at all. The ones they’re taking have nothing to do with her and she has no problem with the government spying on Americans because “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why should you care if they look at what you’re doing?” It’s maddening I tell you.
    I just try to avoid talking politics with her anymore. She’ll vote for whatever Republican is on the ballot, except she is at least voting for Ron Paul in the primary for my sake (I think). So I guess that’s a plus.
    The funny thing is she has always voted Republican, but when she took one of those online “Who’s Your Candidate” kinda of things, it said she matched most closely with John Edwards. … Weird. Very weird.

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