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The President of the United States of America is arguably the most powerful person in the entire world. When I talk to friends, coworkers, or just some random people I happen to meet most of them seem to believe this is true. More importantly, most of them never question whether or not having such power vested in one person is really such a great idea. They usually agree that because the President possesses so much power we need to have a President who is of superb moral character, virtuous in every way, and is also a strong “leader of the ‘free world'” who will never rest until everyone, everywhere can enjoy the wondrous fruits of social democracy. And if that democracy has to be delivered through the barrel of a gun, that’s alright. Just slap the “humanitarian” label on the mission and everything will be just grand.

Regrettably,  the level of Presidential power is rarely debated, just the qualities of the prospective grabbers of that power. And since we are now in a Presidential election year, we are reminded incessantly by CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and just about every newspaper about the importance of this election. We simply do not see this kind of fervor for any other election. Local elections? Who cares? Just tell me about the Presidential race. After all, that’s the person who’s going to take over as supreme ruler of the planet. Why does this NOT strike people as being horribly wrong? Well, basically because most people have been conditioned to believe that the President of the U.S.A. is the utmost in politicians. The person who becomes President has reached the big leagues. He or she has won the American Idol of politics. I suppose I could write various analogies forever, but you see where I’m going with this. In schools, especially public schools, we are taught to revere the President. We are taught that even if we disagree vehemently with the actions of the President, we should respect him or her simply because he or she holds the office of President. Is this NOT how a dictator’s subjects are supposed to behave?

And what are we creating in this country if not a dictatorship? Even our elected representatives in Congress have abrogated their responsibilities. The Constitution states clearly that the power to declare war is vested in the Congress, and still the President has been given free rein to attack any locale on the globe whenever he or she fancies some nice war making. Furthermore, no one seems to care about Presidential signing statements which really amount to the President saying, “this bill is nice and all, but this part, this part and this part over here won’t apply to me.” And not to be forgotten, of course, is the unitary executive theory which has been put into practice by numerous U.S. Presidents through the years. However, the big prize goes to none other than George W. Bush. Here’s a little gem from wikipedia:

“President Bush has applied the theory of the “unitary executive” in a wide range of substantive issues, often issuing signing statements detailing how the executive branch will construe legislation. President Bush issued at least 435 signing statements in his first term alone – more than the combined number issued by all previous US presidents. From President Monroe’s administration (1817-25) to the Carter administration (1977-81), the executive branch issued a total of 75 signing statements to protect presidential prerogatives. From Reagan’s administration through Clinton’s, the total number of signing statements ever issued, by all presidents, rose to a total 322.”

All hail the Decider in Chief!

And just for some fun here’s the Declaration of Independence. Notice all of the reasons why the King of England was so unpopular at that time. You’ll find that many of them are the same reasons why various “Kings of America” should have been dethroned over the years.


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