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The Free Online Dictionary defines the word “patriot” as “one who loves and defends his or her country. It also lists these related words: “flag-waver,” “hundred- percenter,” “jingoist,” “patrioteer,” and “chauvinist.” All five of these terms are defined as being traits of one who is “an extremely bellicose nationalist.” It’s obvious that there exists a significant difference in meaning between “patriot” and all of the other words. Yet in today’s parlance the term “patriot” is used to describe someone who is precisely “an extremely bellicose nationalist.” Sure, everyone is welcome to criticize some aspect of the American political scene. But when the chips are down, say, in a time of war, (and when are we NOT at war in this country?) we are told to set aside our differences when it comes to domestic matters, and rally behind the president, the flag, and the unquestionably virtuous nature of that one indispensable beacon of democracy, the U.S. of A.

Naturally there are various apparatchiks of the State positioned strategically in the media to reinforce the belief that it is not enough for a “patriot” to love his or her country. He or she, in fact, must love the government and its wars as well. Commentators such as Rush Limbaugh fit the “state apparatchik” description perfectly. You see, as far as Limbaugh is concerned, if you happen to be anti-war, you just aren’t a genuine American. Even if you are a soldier who speaks out against the war in Iraq after serving there, the esteemed Bush administration shill, Mr. Ditto himself, will call you a phony.

But, of course the fun doesn’t stop there. You may actually subscribe to this far fetched theory that our government is actually supposed to represent the will of the people. Well, you may be surprised to learn that sometimes the people just have to concede that they just aren’t as informed as their governmental superiors. At such a time, the people need to realize that they should not question their representatives’ actions. You and I simply need to understand that the members of the government have our best interests in mind whenever they make any decision involving foreign policy and war. According to Limbaugh the anti-war Americans just aren’t well enough informed. And naturally the government can’t tell the American people all the facts because during a war that type of divulgence would surely undermine the war effort. Just have a gander at part of this transcript from 2006 when Limbaugh interviewed ex Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

LIMBAUGH: Well it’s got to be tough, I would imagine. Because, I’m aware of it and I try to share with my audience as often as possible that people like you and the President know far more than the public knows about any number of events, simply because it’s not possible for the information that you learn to be shared nor should most of it. And yet, that would have to force you at some point to say, you know, we do have an anti-war crowd and they’re loud and they’re being affected by our enemy, but the American people – some of them just don’t know what we know and you have to stick with what you think is right. That’s where the whole democratic process I would think becomes challenging for you because you have to make judgment. Do we do what’s right, or do we listen to the people? (Emphasis added)

I don’t know about you, but Limbaugh’s comments are nothing short of breathtaking to me. In those italicized and bold typed words we can read a more or less straight forward call for dictatorship. Yet this is the same man who is revered on the website for being one of “the greatest U.S. patriots of all time.”

Well, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t call him a “patriot,” but he sure does seem to fit the description of “an extremely bellicose nationalist.” Just take a look at what he has said about war protest groups:

If they were for peace, they would give every dollar they raise to the U.S. defense department because it’s the U.S. defense department that keeps the peace and liberates the oppressed in the world and gives them the opportunity to have freedom, which is what we want for Iraq. It’s beyond me how anybody can look at these protesters and call them anything other than what they are: anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro Marxists and communists.” – Rush Limbaugh

I apologize for any discomfort you may be feeling after reading Mr. Limbaugh’s comments. I’m feeling a little queasy myself.



  1. These Neocon shills want it both ways; government is broken, yet when the GOP runs it, it’s always correct.

    It’s the same logic that defined the whole hurricane Katrina issue. These guys broke FEMA so that they could prove the proposition that our bureaucracy doesn’t work.

  2. All I think of when I read Limbaugh’s comments are, ‘I wonder how many Oxycodone he had when he said that?’

  3. I think I am going to throw up. Does anybody have a bucket?

    How old is Rush, by the way? Every time I see this hateful lardass on tv he looks more unhealthy…combined with the pills, it raises the possibility for a heart attack on election day, right?

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