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It’s no secret that governments love wars. After all, stating that you are “at war” against “something” seems to imply that you are somehow more serious about it. Plus it’s just so American, isn’t it? I mean Americans don’t mess around, right? We kick ass, and take no guff from any miscreant, foreign OR domestic!

In our culture we have romanticized and glorified war. On the other hand we have demonized entrepreneurship. The business man who simply wants to make money by providing people with the items we need for everyday life, as well as the various luxury items we all enjoy, is viewed as a scoundrel. He is greedy and selfish, driven only by that most evil of evils ; the profit motive. I think it’s high time we had “Entrepreneur Day” to celebrate all of the people who have brought us our televisions, DVD players, Ipods, cars, dishwashers, washing machines, computers, air conditioners, light bulbs, and on and on. How much would you enjoy your life without all of the fabulous “stuff” made possible by various entrepreneurs?

But anyway, back to the matter of what so many people consider to be the TRULY noble pursuits ; government wars. I say we just end them. How about that? Let’s end the Iraq war. It’s all based on lies anyway. It’s unconstitutional. We have no idea what “victory” in this war would even look like. And just how many Iraqis do we have to kill before they are “liberated” anyway?

While we’re at it let’s end the Afghanistan war. Yes, that war that everyone seems to have forgotten about. After that we could scrap the entire war on terror. Terrorism is a tactic. And you can’t wage war on a tactic.

Next up, and joined at the proverbial hip with the aforementioned war on terror would be our government’s war on civil liberties. We could repeal egregious legislation like The Patriot Act, and The Military Commissions Act. The government’s duty is to defend and protect the liberty of its people, not to defend and protect the secrecy of the government at the peoples’ expense.

Alright, so we’re on a roll here. Let’s see, what’s next? How about ending the War on Poverty. After all it is really nothing more than a war ON the impoverished, making them dependent on government. Here’s a wild and crazy idea. How about we just let people keep the fruits of their labor, and end the war on personal earnings, otherwise known as the income tax. Funny, but when politicians belch forth all of their platitudes about helping the poor they NEVER suggest that perhaps, just perhaps poor people could get richer if they were allowed to keep everything they earn.

But, wait, we’re not done yet! The next governmental scourge to be eradicated would be The War on Drugs. Its accomplishments include a monumental wasting of money, and the imprisonment of thousands of non violent drug “offenders.” In fact, with the help of the War on Drugs a new record high for America’s prison population was set recently. And yet the drug problem continues unabated.  I think we can safely call that a dubious honor, no?

So there you have it. Our government’s wars are costly, deadly, and ultimately pointless. So let’s put them out of their misery. Let’s end ALL government wars.


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