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Everyone knows the Republican nomination is going to John McCain. So why is that Ron Paul guy still running? CNN wanted to know, so they spoke to Dr. Paul about it. Certainly many people all over the country have been wondering why the Texas Congressman presses on in the face of certain defeat. These people, however, simply do not get it. Ron Paul’s campaign may have begun about one year ago. But it was never going to end in 2008. Let’s face it. The higher up one climbs on the political ladder the more corruption one encounters. The higher the stakes in any given election, the more the system is rigged to favor the sweethearts of the establishment. Ron Paul knows this, and so do all of us who are such fervent supporters of him. We knew all along that this was first and foremost an ideological battle. We knew that change doesn’t just miraculously appear out of thin air when a certain politician wins an election. And that is just about all the American political system is at this point. It’s all about winning elections at any cost. Anyone who had the stomach to endure the vacuous rhetoric spewing from the mouths of most candidates in the so called debates knows all too well that real, substantive political discussion simply does not happen here.

Instead of the truth we get the same old bromides about being all things to all people. You want an end to terrorism? No problem. You want an end to poverty? No sweat. You want great paying jobs for everyone and their uncles? We’ve got you covered. You want free medical care? Step right up. You want accountability in Washington? Absolutely. Consider it done. What? You say that’s going to be awfully expensive? Balderdash!!! We’ve got printing presses that’ll take care of that little problem as fast as you can say “Bernanke.”

So why is Ron Paul still running? Well,  as he states in this video, there is a vital choice to be made at this point. Do we give up now, and throw away all of the great work we’ve done over the past year? Or do we carry on, understanding that our movement will amount to nothing if we just let it expire in 2008? Dr. Paul is choosing the latter option. And so must we. Yes, the people to whom politics is only about winning the current election will scoff at us. But we have something they simply cannot understand. We have hope for the future. We realize, as Murray Rothbard did, that although the present may be bleak, the future is something about which we should be optimistic.

Ron Paul’s campaign is inspiring thousands of young Americans to become active in politics. Not because they want to perpetuate our corrupt political and economic systems, but, because they want to restore the Republic, the Constitution, and liberty. It is certainly not an easy task. But it is a worthwhile task. After all, wouldn’t it be great to get rid of  government that is full of empty promises and deception, and replace it with one that simply offers freedom? Talk about a rhetorical question! As for me,  I’ve never been as enthusiastic about politics as I am now. And I have Ron Paul to thank for that. We all do.

I, for one, will not let this great effort end in 2008. I’m sure thousands more “Ron Paul Republicans” feel exactly as I do.

Long live the rEVOLution!


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  1. I ,like you,used to be an alienated voter. I thought (rightly so) that both parties were morally bankrupt and governed by special interests. I was nominally a democrat but saw first hand what the party was willing to do to a candidate they suspected would really change something. Jerry Brown has the nerve to say the democratic party was as corrupt as the repubs and he was immediately ostracized or ridiculed and ignored. they wouldn’t even let him speak at the national convention. Chameleon Clinton even stole many of
    Brown,s more popular campaign platform to use as his own. How many times was the word “change” used in that election. Now we have seen what change really meant to these people. Thank you RON PAUL for motivating me to think for myself. And for having the strength to shove the ugly thruth in my face whether I want to see it or not.

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