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Have you noticed how many people talk about the prices of various products today as compared to the prices of those products in years past? It seems that almost everyday I hear something like, “boy, I remember when a hamburger cost 20 cents.” The problem is that very few people actually stop and wonder WHY the prices on things like hamburgers rise through the years. Most people just assume these price rises, or inflation, are an inevitable fact of life. And in a sense, they are correct. Inflation IS an inevitable fact of life in a fiat money system. In the United States we have been living under such a system since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed. Under this system our government has access to a continual supply of money from the country’s central bank, the Federal Reserve. Anytime politicians get a hankering for some good ol’ fashioned spending the Fed is right there to inject a hefty supply of cash into the market to foot the bill. Think the Iraq war is just fantastic since taxes haven’t been raised directly? Well, what about the inflation tax? Just in case you might be thinking that wartime spending does not spur inflation, have a look at this.

As Randolph Bourne said, “War is the health of the State.” He knew very well that governments expand massively in times of war. This is precisely why anyone who is concerned with individual liberty must necessarily oppose war. Anyone who claims to favor limited government while advocating war is either blissfully ignorant, or flagrantly hypocritical. A great example of such a person can be found in Neal Boortz.

It is a great shame that monetary policy is virtually ignored by politicians and the mainstream media. Responsible Americans who prefer to save their money are forced to watch it be stolen through the Fed’s manipulation of interest rates, that only benefit Wall Street, big bankers, and powerful, politically connected corporations. The unfortunate truth is that our country’s economy has been guided by Keynesian principles for many years. Under this system government is encouraged to stimulate demand for products during economic downturns. It is precisely what we are seeing now with the lowering of interest rates and Bush’s economic stimulus package.

So when you think about the rise in the prices of common consumer goods through the years, consider this. The dollar of today is worth 96% less than it was in that fateful year of 1913. Almost one hundred years of war socialism and New Deal socialism have nearly destroyed American money.

There is only one politician who cares to address our country’s monetary crisis. He is Ron Paul. Yes, that guy who is virtually ignored by the mainstream media, the one who “has no chance” at becoming president, the one who is reputedly far out on the political fringe, has it 100% correct. For everyone who is sick and tired of having their savings stolen, and the value of their dollar destroyed, there is only one prescription to cure those ills.

And you can call him Dr. Paul.


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