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John McCain, the man who used to speak out against torture has just voted FOR it . Today the Intelligence Authorization bill was brought to the floor of the Senate. One provision of that bill bans an “alternative interrogation technique” better known as waterboarding. Those three words in quotes are, of course, from the lexicon of the unabashedly Orwellian Bush Administration. You know, the same people who brought us the wonders of The Department of Homeland Security. And who could forget THIS whopper? “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”

Anyway, Senator McCain, the erstwhile opponent of torturous interrogation techniques, just voted against this bill today.

So what about all of this anti-torture talk, Senator McCain? It couldn’t be that you know much of your party despises you, and also knows all too well about your overwhelmingly liberal voting record, could it? I mean, you know that most Republicans salivate at the thought of torturing all of those big bad terrorist types. And those Republicans, after all, will be deciding whether or not to support you in this upcoming election. Are you just trying to please them? Or could it be that you have just been lying to us all along? No, it can’t be that. You would NEVER preach one thing and practice another, would you?


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