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Ron Paul has said numerous times that George W. Bush campaigned in 2000 on a humble foreign policy. In the debates this point has gone completely ignored by the moderators and all of the media pundits. But just eight years ago the Republican candidate for president advocated a foreign policy that is strikingly similar to Ron Paul’s. Strange isn’t it, how in 2008, calling for no nation building, and no telling other countries how to run their governments will quickly get one branded an “isolationist.”

Now, I know many people will shriek that “9/11 changed everything.” But they are wrong. 9/11 didn’t change Bush’s foreign policy. A neocon cabal, many of the same people who were involved with The Project For The New American Century, changed the policy. 9/11 was the “new Pearl Harbor” of which they spoke. It was a catalyzing event that accelerated their militant plans of global American hegemony.

The Republicans have castigated Ron Paul for his devotion to a foreign policy of non-intervention. In 2000 they nominated a man who favored a very similar foreign policy. Today it is unfathomable to most Republicans that the U.S. should not effect regime change in countries all over the world. If you don’t share their love of global military domination they’ll tell you you’re not really a Republican. But, this you tube says it all. Just listen to Bush in 2000, and remember he was the REPUBLICAN nominee for president. My, my, how far the party has fallen.


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