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According to this poll conducted by the Associated Press, many Americans believe that the best way to fix the country’s economic problems is to simply get out of Iraq. Amen, brothers and sisters, on that one! Let’s face it. This war can do nothing more than kill scads of Americans and Iraqis, destabilize the Middle East even more, serve as the best recruitment tool Al Qaeda could have ever imagined, and absolutely bankrupt the United States. But why stop in Iraq? Let’s come home from everywhere! I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think it’s my responsibility to help fund the defense of Japan, Korea, Europe, or anywhere else outside the United States, for that matter.

So yes, it seems like Americans ARE getting rather restless with the Iraq debacle. BUT, they still want the welfare state AND a warfare state. Many respondents in this poll believe the money spent on the Iraq war would be better put to use by ensuring health care for everyone. Now as much as I oppose socialized medicine, I have to admit that it’s preferable to war. Of course, Hillary and Obama are championing universal health care. Surely most of the poll respondents who favor universal health care are supporters of one of these liberal senators. But where is the money going to come from? Neither one of these candidates seems to be in a major rush to pull troops out of Iraq. Furthermore, neither one of them has mentioned ANYTHING about dismantling our global empire. So where does that money for universal health care come from? Well, taxes could be raised directly, but that’s political suicide. So naturally the only other course of action is to go to our good old inflationary friends at the Fed and have them print more bills of credit out of thin air. Peoples’ wealth goes down, prices go up, INCLUDING the price of medicine, and hey presto, we’ve defeated our grand purpose of providing affordable health care for all. One would think that if the Democrats were so intent on pushing for “affordable” health care for the masses, they would advocate the elimination of the largest burden on the U.S. economy; our global empire and foreign policy of intervention. Alas, they don’t. As Gomer Pyle would say, “sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise!”

Also troubling to me is that over half of the respondents in this poll said they have confidence in the Fed to remedy the economic troubles we are now facing. At this point I have to resist the urge to beat my cranium off the wall. Am I actually reading this stuff correctly?!?! People are so conditioned to believe that our central bank is actually in the business of helping us, that they can’t smell the excrement under their collective noses! The Fed CREATES the troubles we are experiencing by printing more money, cutting interest rates to ridiculously low levels, and encouraging consumption when people SHOULD be told that the path to TRUE wealth is through SAVINGS, NOT SPENDING.

Okay, deep breaths now, I’ll calm down here in just a second… There we go… That’s better.

Well, at least the Iraq bit is a good sign.


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  1. Damn fice piece, man! Damn fine. I’m putting this url on the ronpaulforums. I hope you don’t mind. People are looking for excellent blogs and yet more inspiration.
    They are also starting a newspaper/newsletter. I think you should think about being a part of that. You’re a helluva writer. … Just think about it.
    Also…. LOVE how your fixing up the site. It’s lookin’ good, man.

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