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What really gets today’s rank and file Republican all fired up? Is it principles of limited government? How about personal liberty? Maybe the idea of cutting taxes AND spending? Or is it the free market, that, when not being distorted by the collusion of big business and government, provides virtually limitless possibilities for just about everyone? Listening to most Republicans speak one could easily be led to believe that everything I just mentioned does, in fact, excite Republicans. But, as so often happens when dealing with politicians, people are being hoodwinked. Most of today’s Republicans only hold one principle near and dear to their hearts: the principle of endless war.

How else can we explain the near landslide of support for John McCain? He is now almost a lock for the Republican nomination. Remember, this is the man who said he didn’t care if American troops were in Iraq for 100 years. Yet this is also the man who has pledged to protect individual liberty and reduce the size and scope of the state while he complains about the Democrats blocking the passage of legislation that makes it okey dokey for Uncle Sam to spy on all of us without warrants. You’ll also hear him talk about utilizing everything Washington’s got to combat those Islamic extremists that are coming to get us because we’re so darn prosperous and free. All of this comes, mind you, from someone who promises to SHRINK the federal government.

He’ll also tell you about making the Bush tax cuts permanent. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. But what good do the tax cuts do if government spending keeps rising as it will certainly do to execute Mr. McCain’s 100 year war. What good are the tax cuts if our dollar continues to be destroyed by the Federal Reserve? What good are the tax cuts if the Fed continues to artificially hold interest rates down, literally stealing Americans’ savings from them, and causing widespread malinvestment by the corporations who supposedly benefit from the tax cuts? The truth is that Mr. McCain has absolutely NO knowledge of economics. And he really does not care. No matter what he tells you, he only loves one thing: war. He loves the idea of pursuing the Wilsonian goal of “making the world safe for democracy.” He cherishes the fact that the American military garrisons the entire planet, making sure all of those swarthy foreigners stay in line. He spouts off about freedom for Americans while telling the rest of the world that they better do as “we” say or else. He talks about bringing Americans together, when he is exactly what drives Americans apart. He has no problem committing thousands of young men and women to perpetual wars that have nothing to do with our national security, but everything to do with lining the pockets of military contractors and satisfying the Israel lobby.

Sadly, most Republicans have voted for John McCain in this year’s primary elections. If we needed confirmation, we now have it. Republicans (except for Ron Paul and a few others, of course) care not a whit about limited, constitutional government. They care about war, plain and simple. After eight years of rule by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two men who have unleashed untold death and destruction in the Middle East as well as in their secret prisons worldwide, most Republicans crave even more blood.

It’s sickening, but true.


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